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What are the benefits of using Parpera?
What are the benefits of using Parpera?
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Parpera’s a business money management platform that provides business account, debit card, invoicing, payments, tax, insights, and reporting capabilities.

Makes business easy so you can focus more on what matters most

Get a business account and debit card on your phone in less than 10 minutes - no need to go to a branch!

Get paid anywhere, anytime

Make it easy for your clients to pay in-person or online - say goodbye to late payments and lost invoices

Take back control of your money

Get the tools and insights you need to make better decisions on the go, with confidence and ease

Put your taxes on auto-pilot

Stress less about tax with automated estimates, savers, and BAS reporting - no more surprises at tax time

Supercharge your business

Get human support, products, and services that make business easier - you need more than a bank account!

Even more on the way!

We're just getting started and adding features weekly. Do you have a feature that you really want?

We'd love to hear from you, submit your ideas, proposals, or suggestions here.

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