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What is Earn?
What is Earn?
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We've always believed that business owners like you deserve better. Every dollar counts, and we're here to make sure yours work just as hard as you do.

With Parpera Earn you can earn a 3.60% p.a. (variable) return* on your money, with no minimum commitments, lock-in periods, complicated or hidden terms and fees!

You can transfer money between your AUD and Earn wallet using the Parpera App to earn for days, months, or as long as you like!

The return on the funds in your Earn wallet is calculated daily and credited to your Earn account monthly. Learn more about how we calculate your return here.

* The rate of return you receive is based on the interest earned on funds held in Parpera Earn, less our administration fees. As of 08 November 2023, we estimate that the rate of return will be 3.60% p.a. (accrued daily, paid monthly) after administration fees (0.55% GST inclusive). The rate of return is variable and subject to change, typically due to movements in the Reserve Bank of Australia's official cash rate. Your contributions to Parpera Earn are not guaranteed and are not protected by the Financial Claims Scheme under the Banking Act 1959 (Cth). Parpera Earn is administered by us in accordance with the Parpera Earn Terms and Conditions.

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