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How do I send invoices?
How do I send invoices?

You can easily create, manage, and send invoices in-app.

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Invoicing with Parpera provides an easy and quick way for your business to get paid. You can easily create, manage, and send invoices in-app.

To send an invoice:

  1. Open your Parpera App and go to the Invoice tab

  2. Tap on 'Create an invoice'

  3. If you’re creating an invoice for the first time, you’ll need to add details about your business which will be included in your invoice

  4. Select from a list of existing clients or add a new client

  5. Add your invoice items, customise the units and add GST if applicable

  6. Tap on 'Preview' to preview your invoice PDF

  7. Tap on 'Continue' to review and edit the message before it’s sent automatically via email to your client

  8. Tap 'Send invoice', and that's it! You've successfully sent your invoice to your client 🥳

If you stop the invoice creation process at any time, your invoices will be saved as drafts, and you can edit them or add items later.

Your invoice will Include an automatically generated payment reference and, when used, will auto-reconcile and mark your invoice as paid.

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